New Members

Welcome to Herdbook Services!

Herdbook Services is ASA’s on-line data reporting system, and is used for reporting animal data, registration, THE enrollment, researching EPDs, organizing records, and much more. With your new membership comes access to this system–below are helpful links for getting started. Members are encouraged to call the ASA processing team at 406-587-4531 to be walked through registering or transferring an animal for the first time. Below are the basic functions of Herdbook.

Below are links to helpful tutorials for getting started. Each link will take you to instructions for each individual topic.

Signing In

Click HERE  for step-by-step instructions for logging into


Click HERE for instructions on transferring on-line. Keep in mind that transferring on-line speeds up transfers, and ownership is updated immediately upon completion.


Click HERE to learn why members are encouraged to register/report their animals on-line. Click HERE to learn how to complete registration. Click HERE to learn how to place an animal on file.


Account balances can be payed by logging into, going to My Account, and clicking, Pay ASA Balance. Payment and account changes are confirmed by email. Click HERE for detailed instructions.

Herdbook includes many additional features, and can become an extremely useful tool for keeping records, registering animals, and taking advantage of the power of data. Visit Profit Through Data to learn about the additional capabilities of Herdbook. ASA’s processing team is always available to answer questions about Herdbook and animal data reporting at 406-587-4531. Also note, our address is One Genetics Way, Bozeman, MT. 59718.