How to Put an Animal “On File”

What does it even mean to put an animal on file? The animal is NOT registered when it is put on file, but it is saved into our database. An easy way to think about it: the data on the calf is saved in it’s own file and filed away in our “filing cabinet”. If you so choose, you then can register the animal at a later time.

When filling out the registration application or the columns on-line as you normally would when registering an animal, instead of putting a “Y” in the Register box, just simply put “N”. This notifies the system to save all the information, but not to register the animal. It doesn’t cost you anything to put an animal on file.

Before you can start putting an animal on file, you have to first, Log-in and start a job:

1. Enter Dam Registration Number.

Screenshot from 2015-10-23 13:41:18

2. DamTatt will automatically fill in

Screenshot from 2015-10-23 13:39:36

If Dam is not registered or commercial

3. Enter tattoo of animal to be registered

Screenshot from 2015-10-23 13:38:52

Year letter is required (Ex: 2016 = D, 2017= E)

4. Enter Sire Registration Number


Sire must be registered with ASA to register animal

Need to find the sire number?

5. Enter where the tattoo is located on the animal


Example: Left Ear-LE; Right Ear-RE, Both Ears-BE

6. Enter sex of animal to be registered


B – Bull; C – Cow; S – Steer

7. Enter in date of birth of animal to be registered.

birth date

8. Enter the MBC (Multiple Birth Code)


Enter in whether animal being registered is:

1 – S = Single, natural

2 – TS = Twin, both same sex

3 – TR = Triplets

4 – TO = Twin, other twin opposite sex

6 – FE = Frozen Embryo

7 – ETTS = ET Twin same sex

8 – ETTO – ET Twin opposite sex

9 – ET = Fresh Embryo

9. Enter if animal is a result of AI (Artificial Insemination) breeding


Y” = animal is a result of AI breeding. “N” = pasture breeding

10. Enter “N” or leave blank for putting animal on file


Enter “Y” if registering animal

11. When putting an animal on file, you DO NOT get a certificate, so leave this blank


12. Enter the HPS


H = horned; P = polled; S = scurred

13. Enter dominate color of animal.


B = Black; R = Red; G = Gray; Y = Yellow; W = White

14. Do you have any errors?

If there is a red indicator, that means you have errors in the spreadsheet.

Errors indictor circle

Before submitting the data you must clear errors.

no errors yay

If you have no red indicator you can submit data

15. Submit Data

Submit Data with circle

16. After the computer finishes “Running Error Checks”, Click “Proceed to Billing”


Putting an animals on file is free, but you still have to go through the following steps if you have a balance. If your balance is zero, jump to step 20.


17. Click Add Payment

add payment


18. Add Credit Card Information

Screenshot from 2015-10-23 15:22:48

19. Click on Confirm


20. Click on “Final Submit”

finial submit

Your invoice status will change from “Incomplete” to “Complete”

complete status

21. You have submitted and completed putting the animal on file successfully!