Interested in becoming a member?  

Have you purchased animals in the past, possibly lived in multiple addresses, or previously been a junior? You will likely all ready have an account number assigned to you.  Please call in and have any of our team members check for you, by doing this step it will eliminate duplicate accounts. (search here)

There are two types of memberships with the American Simmental Association:

Adult Membership –

  • One must be 22 years of age or older
  • Each account must have a Primary or First authorized representative
  • Additional authorized representatives are allowed. (NOTE: an authorized representative can register, transfer and conduct business under that account.
  • Only one mailing address and email per membership

An adult member can join under a single name (Joe Smith), or as a family, ranch, corporation or partnership (Joe Smith & James Blue).  If you join as a family or a business when a registration certificate is issued the certificate will show as follows:

FIRST PRIMARY REPRESENTATIVE (last name, first name)

Junior Membership –

  • One must be under 22 years of age.  
  • Date of birth will be required.
  • The membership is in the junior’s individual name
  • A parent or guardian is required as an authorized representative  
  • Only one mailing address and email per membership

Please keep us in mind when you change your mailing address or email address and help keep your account information current.


If joining between July 1 – December 30 of given year

Adult Set-up/Annual Service Fee $160.00

Junior $  50.00

If joining between January 1 – June 30 of given year

Adult Set-up/Annual Service Fee $105.00

Junior $  25.00

Benefits of an ASA Membership

(Note – ASA fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30 each year.  On July 1 all memberships fees bill to account/s)

Joining Online? 

1. Go to “Herdbook Services” 

2. Select “Sign Up”

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