Expanded Animal Search

How To Search For An Animal of Another Breed

Animals of other breeds can be registered with ASA as foundation dams or sires. Click here to learn about foundation registration. If a member needs to find out whether or not an animal is registered with ASA, a regular animal search using country and breed codes will bring up the animal’s ASA number.

Log into herdbook.org. (Click here for instructions).

Go to “Data Search”, “Animal Search”.

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Enter the other association number of the animal you are searching for, preceded by the country code.

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If the animal is entered in ASA’s database, this will bring up the animal’s pedigree. Look at the top left-hand section to see whether or not the animal is registered.

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Other association numbers occasionally “overlap” ASA numbers. For example, it is common for a Red Angus registration number to be the same as an older Simmental registration number. This happens with additional association numbers as well. For this reason, if your search brings up an incorrect record, a special search can be necessary. Log into herdbook.org. (Click here for instructions).

  1. Go to Data Entry, Special Reports.


  1. Choose “Look by Other Association Numbers”.


  1. From this drop down, choose the option that best fits the data you have.
  2. Once you choose an option, enter the information and click “Get Results”


  1. This will bring up a list of animals matching the criteria
  2. The animal’s ASA number, other association number, name, and breed will be  displayed.


  1. If you find the animal you are looking for, copy and paste the ASA number.
  2. Do an animal search. For instructions on doing so, click here.
  3. Verify that the animal is registered as a foundation (not just on file), by looking at the top, left-hand part of the page


Only members have access to Special Reports, so if you are not a member, please call ASA to find out if an animal is foundation registered.