How to do an Animal Search

Animals Search on Herdbook Services is a tool accessible to anyone and can be useful for finding your own animals, looking at EPDs when making breeding decisions, clarifying ownership, genetic defects, and any other questions you may have about an animal. Follow the instructions below to accurately find an animal:

The easiest way to find an animal is by registration number.

This can be done even when not logged into Herdbook.

1.Go to If you are a member Log In.

2.Select “Data Search”, and click “Animal Search”.

There will be fewer options when not logged in but “Data Search” will be there.


3a. Put an ASA number in the “Registration #’s” box.

4. Click “Search” at the bottom of the page.

This will pull the animal’s complete electronic record.


An animal can also be found by name.

1.Follow Steps 1 and 2.

3b. Enter the animal’s name.

4. Click “Search” at the bottom of the page.


If only part of the name is known, the search is going to yield a result including any animal with those words in their name. For example, searching “LOCK DOWN” will bring up a long list of progeny of the popular sire. Knowing tattoo numbers can be extremely helpful. Adding 206Z narrows the search down to the bull himself.

An animal can also be found by Tattoo.

Unless the animal being searched for has a unique tattoo, “899P” for example, only using a tattoo will bring up an overwhelming number of results. This tool is best utilized when logged into Herdbook.

1.Follow Steps 1 and 2

3c. Under “Animal Search” type a tattoo into the “Tattoos” box.


3d. Check the box next to “Search only my animals As”.


This will find the registration number of any animal with that tattoo in your herd. “Current Owner” can be changed to “Original Owner” which will bring up a list of previously owned animals.

4. Click “Search” at the bottom of the page.

Following these steps will help you find animals in your Herdbook or sires and donors you may be considering using.