Planned Mating: How to Compare Sire and Dam

Planned mating is a tool to help make breeding decisions. It gives breeders an estimate of the genetic level of their calves from a mating. Using the Planned Mating tool in Herdbook Services, you can select to mate to one or several sires.

1. Log into Herdbook Services

Screenshot from 2015-11-05 08:30:47

2. Click on Herd Mgmt, then select Planned Mating


3. Click on either Single to do one, or to do multiple click Bulk (skip to step 6)


4. Single Planned Mating: fill in the Dam and Sire Registration number. Click Calculate.


5. Results of Single Planned Mating (Includes Trait Trac)


6. Bulk Planned Mating: either enter the Dam registration numbers or select a group from Dam Group. Then list possible Sires registration numbers.


7. Click Generate Planned Mating Report


8. Results of Bulk Planned Mating (Includes Trait Trac)


Trait Trac-Planned Matting animals are now evaluated based on their parents’ Trait Trac Status. Population risk animals MAY be marked free when reported  dependent upon available pedigree history.