How to Register a Calf with a Commercial Dam:

Many times breeders want to register a calf out of a commercial dam. To do that the dam needs to be put “on file” (unregistered) in ASA database.  Below are instructions:

1. Under DamTatt – enter tattoo or tag number of dam.


2. Select BrthDam tab at top of page.


3. Enter date of birth or approximate date of birth of dam.


In the following format: 2013-03-17 or 03/17/2013

4. Enter in breed composition of dam.


(such as ½ AN ½ HH, or ¼ AN 3/8 CA 3/8 HH. Spaces are required).

5. Select the Animal tab to continue entering animal data.


Note – if the commercial dam has had a calf reported in the past she will already have an ASA number in the database. Please look her up under Animal Search.


6. If you need to register a calf Click Here, and skip to step 3.