How to Register an ET calf

Registering an embryo calf is just like registering a natural born calf, except for three things: the donor dam, MBC, and breeder fields.

Parent Verification(PV) is the minimum testing requirement for purchased embryos. This testing simply confirms whether the animal qualifies or does not qualify to the sire/dam.

Read more about parentage testing and how it works by clicking here.

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Here are the quick instructions on registering an ET calf:

1.Go to the Donor Dam tab


2.Enter Donor Dam Registration Number


3. The donor’s information will automatically fill in when you click into another field.



4. Go back to the Animal tab


5.Enter recipient cow (recip) ASA number

Screenshot from 2015-10-23 13:41:18

KEEP IN MIND: This is not a required field to register calf. If the dam is commercial you may leave this field blank. If the recipient cow (recip) is a part of THE program enter her information here.

6.Enter tattoo of animal to be registered

Screenshot from 2015-10-23 13:38:52

Year letter is required (Ex: 2016 = D)

7.Enter Sire Registration Number


Sire MUST BE registered with ASA to register animal

Need to find the sire number?

8. Enter where the tattoo is located on the animal.


Example: Left Ear-LE; Right Ear- RE; Both Ears-BE

9. Enter sex of animal to be registered 


(B – Bull; C – Cow; S – Steer)

10. Enter in date of birth of animal to be registered.

birth date

11. Enter the MBC (Multiple Birth Code)


Enter in whether animal being registered is:

6 – FE = Frozen Embryo

7 – ETTS = ET Twin same sex

8 – ETTO – ET Twin opposite sex

9 – ET = Fresh Embryo

12. Enter if animal is a result of AI (Artificial Insemination) breeding


All ET calves will have a Y in this column as they are a result of AI breeding.

13. Enter Y if registering animal; leave blank if putting animal on file (not registered)


14. Enter Y if you want to receive a paper certificate; leave blank or enter N if you want electronic storage.


15. Enter the HPS


H for horned; P for polled; S for Scurred

16. Enter dominate color of animal.  


B = Black; R = Red; G = Gray; Y = Yellow; W = White

17. Enter the owner’s member number.


This is typically the applicant’s member number.

18. Enter the breeder’s member number.


This is the member that owned the donor dam at time of flush. If you need to find that number you can do an animal search, and look at the animal’s ownership history.

19.Do you have any errors? 

If there is a red indicator that means you have errors in the spreadsheet.

with errors102715

Before submitting the data you must clear errors. Click here

errors indictor 102715

If you have no red indicator you can submit data

20. Submit Data

Submit Data with circle

 21. After the computer finishes “Running Error Checks”, Click Proceed to Billing


22. Click Add Payment

add payment

23. Add Credit Card Information

Screenshot from 2015-10-23 15:22:48

24. Click on Confirm


25. Click on “Final Submit”

final submit

Your invoice status will change from “Incomplete” to “Complete”

complete status

26. You have submitted the registration successfully!