How to Report Mature Dam Data

1. Start a Manual Job 

2. Enter Dam Registration Number

Screenshot from 2015-10-23 13:41:18

3. Select BrthDam tab at the top of the page.


4. Add mature weight


5. Add mature weight date


A weight and date MUST be reported together

6. Add Hip Height 


(if data available)

7. Add body condition score


(if data available)

Score Description
1 emaciated , no palpable fat over the backbone, hipbones
2 poor, emaciated but tail head and ribs less prominent
3 thin, ribs still identifiable but fat along back bone
4 borderline, ribs no longer individually identifiable-some fat layer
5 moderate, good overall appearance, fat cover is spongy
6 high moderate, firm pressure needed to feel backbone
7 good, fleshy and obviously carrying fat 
8 fat, very fleshy and over conditioned, large fat deposits 
9 extremely fat, extremely wastey and patchy

Do you have any errors? 

8. Select Submit Data

submit data.png

9. After the computer finishes “Running Error Checks”, Click “Proceed to Billing”.

running error checks

10. Click on “Final Submit”

final submit

Your invoice status will change from “Incomplete” to “Complete”

complete status

11. You have submitted the mature dam data successfully!