Common DNA-Related Processing Errors and Warnings

There are a handful of DNA-related errors and warnings that can potentially hold up the processing of a job or cause confusion.


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Q: What does this mean?

A: All calves resulting from purchased embryos must be parent verified before they can be registered. It is important to note that the DNA testing must go through ASA. We will not accept parentage results from other laboratories. NOTE: If you own the donor at the time of flushing, Parent Verification is not required; however a High Density test is required for ALL donor dams.

Q: How do I fix the problem?

A: See below:

  1. If you have not completed parentage testing on your ET calf and need to order a DNA kit, contact ASA by calling  406-587-4531 or by sending an email to Be prepared to provide us with the following information:
    • tattoo of calf
    • sex of calf
    • sire and dam registration numbers

If you do not have this information at the time of the request, you will be asked to call or email back with the information before ASA can send the DNA kit.

  1. If you have completed parentage testing and get an error, it is probably best to give us a call. Before you do so, make sure that you entered in the correct breeder. The breeder is considered to be the person who owned the cow at the time of flush. You must enter their member number in the breeder field in the registration job.
  1. If you are getting this error and the calf is NOT a purchased ET (i.e. you own the donor), give us a call or send an email to so we can look into the error.


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Q: What does this mean?

A: All sires must be approved for AI use before registering any calves that are the result of an A.I. breeding. Click here to learn more:


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Q: What does this mean?

A: All females must be approved for donor use before you can register their ET calves. Click here to learn more:




Q: What does this mean?

A: The certificate and EPDs will be held on your animal until appropriate DNA testing has been completed. Because this is a warning, you can and should submit your job through completion. Your animal can still be registered with this warning, and will receive a registration number after the job has been submitted through completion. The certificate and EPDs will be released as soon as the appropriate genetic defect testing has been completed. If you have any questions concerning the testing, please contact the DNA department to assist you with your questions.




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